Service Quality, Cost Top Factors Which Dictate Businesses' Loyalty to Answering Service Providers

Industry Experts Outline Five Factors Why Businesses are Apt to Abandon Their Answering Service

Washington, DC, December 13th, 2016—Businesses may say they are satisfied with their current answering service provider, but their tendency to switch providers after six months suggests otherwise, according to a survey by Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and reviews firm. As the survey reveals, service mistakes, duplicity among providers, and cost are among the main reasons they switch.

Overall, the 300+ businesses surveyed by Clutch reported positive feedback on a number of answering services features, including value and customer interaction with providers.

 However, these indicators did little to ensure businesses’ loyalty to their providers.

 Industry sources cited five separate factors that cause businesses to abandon their service providers:


  1. Cost
  2. Service Mistakes
  3. Customer Service
  4. Monthly Nature of Answering Services
  5. Lack of Distinction Among Top Providers


Of these factors, service mistakes, and to a certain extent, cost, are the only ones which have the potential to make businesses consider remaining with, rather than abandoning, their service providers.  

Companies that experience “no issues” with their answering service providers were overall unlikely to change providers in the next six months, while businesses’ that reported any issues were likely to make a change.

Cost, though, only had this effect for businesses which spend less than $50 per month on their answering service—which may just be due to the logistical hurdles of changing providers being too large to justify for a $50 monthly expense.


In addition to specific features or measures of satisfaction with answering service providers, experts point out that the monthly nature of answering services also contribute to the limited loyalty shown by businesses to their providers.


“Answering service typically are month to month contracts, so there’s certainly movement,” said Dan L’Heureux, Executive Director of the Southern Telemessaging Association.


Clutch’s first report on answering services, released in November, suggests that businesses identify specific features or technologies of providers when evaluating and selecting the answering services provider which best fits their specific needs. With the additional information from these latest findings, Clutch also suggests that providers be proactive by distinguishing themselves as offerors of a unique service in order to help them attract new customers, as well as retain the customers they already have.  


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